Ways to Keep the Kids Active Over the Holidays

16 December 2020

It’s that time of year… the days are shorter, and the air is cooler. While snuggling up on the sofa for a Christmas movie may be all you want to do, the need for exercise doesn’t hibernate for the Winter.

Ways to Keep the Kids Active Over the Holidays

We’ve got some ideas for you to help kids (and adults!) stay active over the Christmas Holidays.

  • Go for a walk or a jog
  • Put on music and dance
  • Play games that require movement – Twister is a great example, or even Hide and Seek!
  • Go to a playground
  • Try a kid-friendly exercise video
  • Set up an obstacle course – in the living room or in the garden!
  • Go for a family cycle
  • Use chalk or tape to make a DIY hopscotch
  • Make a treasure hunt – there are plenty of free and printable versions available online! 

For more inspiration, check out NHS Change4Life www.nhs.uk/change4life/activities