#Others Live When You Give


Will you help Air Ambulance NI?  aani-website-helicopter.jpg

Others Live When You Give! 

Did you know that trauma is the biggest killer of those aged 40 and under?

Every day, the charity Air Ambulance fights to save lives.

With your help, the doctor and paramedic on board the aircraft fly at 180mph to treat a patient. 

Helping our air ambulance charity is critical to ensure the medical team can fly to those who have had a major trauma.  It could be any one of us following a road traffic collision, fall or sporting accident to name a few.  Two people, on average, need the doctor and paramedic team daily.  Together, we want to fund a whole month to help reach 60 patients.    

You can help by 

  1. Choosing Air Ambulance when you register for the marathon
  2. Making a simple, one off donation to our page Fundraising Page of Team Air Ambulance NI (eventmaster.ie)
  3. Contacting the charity for a fundraising pack on email belfastmarathon@airambulanceni.org

Together we can ensure the medics are there for us and our loved ones, when the worst happens #otherslivewhenyougive 

Your support can help save lives like Hannah’s aani---hannah.jpg

On a cold and frosty morning in January 2020, Hannah Babe was travelling to college from her hometown of Belleeks when she was involved in a road traffic collision. Thankfully the HEMS team were tasked and able to administer care to her at the scene before transferring her safety to hospital for further treatment. Hannah has made a fantastic recovery – To watch her story, please click on the link below - Hannah Babe was treated by HEMS after a serious RTC (youtube.com)


 Find out more information on the charity here www.airambulanceni.org