#Others Live When You Give


Will you play your part to help critically ill patients at scene?

Others Live When You Give

helicopter-min.jpgAir Ambulance NI

Every day in Northern Ireland, 2 people need the services of the Air Ambulance Medical Team. It could be a road traffic collision, fall from a height, farm accident, sports incident or sudden cardiac arrest to name a few. Whatever the critical situation, the air ambulance doctor and paramedic are airborne in minutes. At scene they provide medical care that is usually only available when the patient reaches hospital and it can be the difference between life and death.

With your help, we can bring the hospital to the patient in minutes.

Sign up and raise funds to save lives, brains and limbs.


Patient Connor McMullan

On 22nd July 2017, the Air Ambulance NI was tasked to its first patient, eleven year old Conor, who was working on the family farm when he suffered a serious head injury. Conor was struck by a tractor trailer and shares his experience

“I remember just dropping to the ground and then I wasn’t conscious.” A family member called the emergency services, and within minutes AANI had been tasked to the scene of the incident in County Down. His dad added, “At the time it was very settling to know that he was minutes away from the care that he needed.”

AANI brought a HEMS consultant and a HEMS paramedic to the scene, who were able to immediately administer critical care interventions to Conor.

These interventions allowed the AANI medical team to stabilise his condition and significantly reduce the chances of long term damage to his brain caused by his head trauma. With his condition now stabilised, the crew were able to airlift Conor to Belfast in an eight-minute flight, compared with an estimated journey time of one hour by road ambulance.

Conor was then treated by the excellent staff at Northern Ireland’s Major Trauma Centre at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

Recognising how AANI reduces fatalities and the long-term harm caused by trauma injuries, Conor reflected, “If they weren’t there, I could have still been lying in hospital or even died. I’m just very grateful for what they’ve done.”

Your support means the world to us!

Air Ambulance NI aspires to raise £2.5 million each year, or £6,850 per day.  It’s a big figure but if everyone does a little to support air ambulance, the service will be here for generations to come. 

The funds you raise could contribute to a number of costs including a flight suit for the medical team, fuel for the aircraft, maintenance at the airbase or aviation training. 

All fundraising means the service can reach the next patient in need. 

You can learn more about our charity HERE.

How to support

When you register, you will have the option to support in two ways –

  1. You can ‘round up’ your registration fee as a donation to our charity
  2. You can choose to fundraise for our charity

If you have already registered, you can start fundraising HERE for 2024 Moy Park Belfast City Marathon and HERE for 2024 Moy Park Belfast City Half Marathon.money-handles-infographic.jpg

Support for each participant

  • All fundraisers will be invited to our exclusive air base event! See the helicopter and learn about the impact of the service you are supporting
  • Your choice of a running vest or T-shirt
  • You’ll also receive our digital fundraising pack
  • You can join our dedicated Facebook event page
  • On the day our representatives will be out in force to cheer you on
  • You’ll be part of a team of lifesavers, playing your part to save lives, brains and limbs

Air Ambulance NI is there for you, your family and every one of us, should we need it – We can’t fly without you!