Virtual Marathon Distance Run 


Virtual Marathon Distance Run 

  Thursday 7th May 2020 - Wednesday 30th June

Entry Requirements:  Participants under 16 years of age must be accompanied with a responsible adult. All participants must complete the distance of 26.2 miles by Wednesday 30th June through walking, jogging or running. All participants must obey Government rules on exercise at this time.  Final entry deadline:  Midnight on Friday 19th June 2020.

Virtual Marathon Distance Run


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Virtual Marathon Distance Run

The Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon are pleased to launch their first virtual race. Unfortunately the 39th Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon could not be staged on Sunday 3rd May 2020 and is rescheduled to Sunday 20th September 2020. As such a virtual event has been organised in an attempt to keep people motivated and raise some much needed funds for our official nominated charity, Cancer Focus Northern Ireland.   There is an option to donate when registering and you can also donate to Cancer Focus NI via their JustGiving page HERE.

What is a Virtual Run? 

Participants are encouraged to walk, jog or run the distance of 26.2 miles across a number of days/weeks (safely and always following Government Advice on Social Distancing) submitting results from Garmin or Strava. If you do not have access to these, you can email the Marathon Office with your times (confirmed in advance by a responsible adult).

Entry Rates

The entry fee for the event is £15.00 and will include a medal and complimentary Cancer Focus Northern Ireland T-shirt.

Please note when registering for this event, OpenTrack can only accept one separate email address per profile, you won't be able to set up multiple profiles for family and friends using your same email address.

Optional Event Tech T-shirttech-tee-vmdr-reveal.jpg

There is an additional opportunity for participants to purchase an Event Tech T-shirt at £5 at the time of registration or by contacting the Marathon Office.

**these will be posted to the address you provided when registering**


Submission of Results 

Please visit the UPLOADING RESULTS section for our step by step guide on how to do this.

ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE FULL 26.2 MILES DISTANCE, you will be required to submit your times for the official results before midnight on 30th June 2020. You can do this yourself through the OpenTrack system, everything else including Manual entries will need to be emailed directly to the Marathon Office.  If you have any difficulties submitting your results please contact the Marathon Office directly. 

*Please note there are no competitive prizes for this virtual run.

Final official results will be displayed on the website mid July 2020 and all medals and technical t-shirts will be posted to participants post 30th June 2020.


Terms and Conditions

  • Belfast City Marathon Ltd would like to stress the importance of adhering to local Government legislation on exercise during COVID-19 including social distancing. This challenge is not intended to be done in one day but spread across a number of weeks until the deadline date (Wednesday 30th June). Remember we do not want to add extra pressure on the NHS at this time with casualties.
  • Always plan your route in advance and be realistic with your daily goals. Ensure you are walking, running or jogging on a suitable surface in a safe and familiar area. Be mindful of road traffic. If you are considering to do all or part of this challenge in a confined area, please do your laps in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to avoid injury such as pelvic tilt.
  • When carrying out this challenge participants are advised to carry an emergency contact name and number for personal safety and you tell a friend or family member where you intend to walk, jog or run.
  • During the challenge please ensure you wear appropriate clothing, sunscreen (if applicable) and keep yourself hydrated - remember this is a virtual event and we do not wish to place any additional burden on the NHS.
  • Finally please be mindful of your health. Since COVID-19, your exercise patterns may have changed so start gradually to build yourself up and follow the Medical Advice on our site if needed. If you have been affected by COVID-19, wait at least one month before participating post infection. Like many infections this virus can affect multiply organs and the body needs time to recover. 

Let stay safe and do this together.