Top Nutrition Tips for March from Official Nutrition Sponsor Framar Health

12 March 2020

Currently training for a Spring Marathon? Our Official Nutrition Sponsor Framar Health shares their top two nutrition tips for March.

March Nutrition Tips
  1. Studies show that reflexology is an effective way to remove the build up of lactic acid from the legs, thereby increasing circulation and improving delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body
  2. With no evidence that static stretching prevents injury, warm up with dynamic stretching instead; active movements that stretch the muscles. Try butt kicks, high knees, leg swings or even a light jog 

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The 39th Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon takes place on Sunday 3rd May 2020 including Marathon, Team Relay, 8 Mile Walk and Fun Run options.

The final entry deadline will be at midnight on Friday 10th April 2020.