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National Obesity Awareness Week 2022

14 January 2022

As National Obesity Awareness Week comes to an end, we'd like to highlight some important statistics from our Official Charity Partner Cancer Focus Northern Ireland.

National Obesity Awareness Week 2022

 Health Lifestyles

Up to 50% of cancers can be prevented with healthy lifestyle choices, e.g. not smoking, drinking alcohol, being UV aware, being a healthy weight, being physical active and eating a diet rich in fruit, veg, and fibre, limiting red and processed meat.

Obesity is linked with 9 cancers – oesophagus, colorectal, gall bladder, pancreas, post menopausal breast, endometrium, ovary, kidney, advance prostate.  Obesity is known to be linked with 4.1% of cancers in men, and 6.9% of cancers in women in UK.


When we think of the top 5 cancers for men and women in NI – what are the linked behaviours?

Men                                                                                 Women

NMSC  - UV                                                                     NMSC - UV

Prostate - obesity                                                             Breast – obesity, alcohol

Lung - smoking                                                                 Lung - smoking

CRC - diet, obesity, lack of PA, alcohol                            CRC- diet, obesity, lack of PA, alcohol

Head and Neck  - smoking, alcohol, diet, UV                   Uterus - obesity

Over 70% of all cancers for both men and women are in the top 5.

We should:

  • Stop smoking
  • Not drink alcohol
  • Be a healthy weight
  • Eat fruit and veg, a high fibre, low fat diet, limiting red and processed meat
  • Be UV aware and not use sunbeds
  • Do 150 minutes of activity weekly