Run with our Official Pacers on Saturday 14th March!

06 March 2020

We’ve organised a 10 mile Long Session Run with our Official Marathon Pacers on Saturday 14th March at 9.30am from Stormont Estate.

Pacer Run

We will have pacers for the following times:

✅ 3 hours

✅ 3 hours 15

✅ 3 hours 30

✅ 3 hours 45

✅ 4 hours

✅ 4 hours 15

✅ 4 hours 30

✅ 4 hours 45

 Our full Pacer line up / times can be found here:

This event is open to Marathon and Team Relay participants...friends not participating in our events are very welcome also!

 To secure your place, please email us at with your chosen pacer time by lunchtime on Friday 13th March.

 *This event will be subject to demand.